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The Blog of a Geek. Hey, Guys! I'm Anim3xl0v3r. I love the smell of sharpie and have a weird liking to license plates. I love drawing (when I have the time) I Like all kinds of music genres. I really am digging the galaxy designs. I have no idea why. Please feel free to Ask me anything (anonymous or not; sneaky stalkers, you). Usually I'm on here because I have no life outside of work and school.

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It can’t protect, it only destroys.


The Secret Honey Frozen fashion collection!


Can the Pines family (and Soos) survive in tonight’s all new Gravity Falls? Tune in to Disney XD or our live stream tonight at 8:30PM EDT to find out!

Looks like 5 nights at Freddy’s….


how to get work done if you have a cat, apparently. Thanks guys lol


internet: wow pewdiepie is so egotistical he only uses his fans for money
pewdiepie: *believes he doesn't deserve the fans he has and regularly gives thanks to his viewers for allowing him to do something he loves as a living*
internet: omg pewdiepie never did a charity livestream he doesn't really care about charity!!!!!! 11! one
pewdiepie: *instead of doing the ice bucket challenge he talked about ALS and donated $1,000. also has done several events before-hand for charity and becomes upset when media cares more about the money he makes than the amount him and his fans have donated to charities*
internet: wow he's the most subscribed channel and his videos are the same quality as everyone else he's obviously not taking youtube seriously
pewdiepie: *does every video himself including editing with no form of high-end editing setup. also has a LIFE and cannot sit at his computer 24/7 editing videos at lightning speed*
internet: pewds is so offensive he makes rape jokes!!!
pewdiepie: *made several rape jokes in his earlier youtube days which he has previously apologized for and has not made another joke like that since. yes wow it's possible for people to become aware of current problems and change their thinking!!*
internet: wow pewds is so immature just cussing and lame jokes all his fans must be 12-year-old little boys
pewdiepie: *understands that people have different taste in humor and is not bothered by the fact some do not like his material. has fans all over the world INCLUDING SINGAPORE and age demographic ranges from roughly 12-25 years*